Dr.ir. T.I. (Timber) Haaker


Timber Haaker obtained his PhD in Applied Mathematics from TU Delft in 1996. Currently he is Senior Researcher at TU Delft and Senior Advisor at InnoValor, a research based consultancy about ICT driven innovation. Both his research and advisory work revolve around helping organization with realizing value from innovation. He is a specialist in business models, business model tooling and innovation management and is co-founder of the STOF Business Model Method.


Organisations need to rethink their business models in response to developments in digital technologies and society. There is a ‘need for speed’ to keep up with change, but at the same time a need for robust business models, to assure that today’s choices benefit tomorrow’s success. In our research we work with small and large organisations to develop and test new methods and tools for business model innovation, e.g. the business model stresstest.

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Article in volume:

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In this Horizon2020 project, TU Delft and Dutch partner InnoValor work with six international partners to develop an interactive platform and tools to support business model innovation with European SMEs. A first version of the platform has been released under the name businessmakover.eu.Timber Haaker is responsible for the work package on tool development in Envision.

Timber Haaker is a senior advisor at InnoValor, a research based consultancy about ICT driven innovation.

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Part of book:

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Timber Haaker

Senior Researcher

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Jo-Ann Karna

Research interests:
Business models
Business model innovation
Business model tooling

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