Indexation, acceptance rate and speed of review process

Starting with its 2008-issues, EJTIR is covered in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) and the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) of ThomsonReuters. In addition, EJTIR is covered in a range of relevant databases, including Scopus and the Directory of Open Access Journals.

EJTIR‚Äôs acceptance rate is 12.5%. That is, ultimately only one in every eight papers that are submitted to EJTIR is eventually published. Of all papers submitted to EJTIR, around 75% is rejected in a desk-review process performed by the editor in chief. Of those papers that are sent out for external review, another 50% is rejected after one or more review rounds. Note that our policy is to only allow for revisions when there is a high probability of success in the second review round.

EJTIR distinguishes itself from other journals in terms of the speed of our review process. Normally, our desk review is performed within a few weeks. If a paper is sent out for external review, reports from our referees are sent back to the author within three to four months. If applicable, a second review round generally only takes a month or two. After acceptance, it generally takes about four to six months before the paper is published in one of our issues. To facilitate this speedy review process, we demand that authors do not take more than four months to revise their paper. If more time is taken, EJTIR as a rule will consider the resubmitted manuscript a new submission, which implies that the review process is started all over.