Dr. P. (Pieter) de Vries


I have been involved with learning innovation for quite some time focusing on the use of online learning to improve educational practices both in the industry and in higher education. In most cases the emphasis was on the improvement of the learning organization. Capacity building is part of this to make sure things will work and the innovation will be sustainable, so participation is a key term.

Learning innovation is a fast changing field and to stay inline with the developments we have been using research, new insights and technologies in various situations with the focus on open and online education, new educational formats, organizational learning, learning analytics and capacity building. Prominent is the use of open, design based research frameworks to involve and allow stakeholders to (in-) directly improve their teaching and learning activities and enlarge their capacity for innovative educational practices.

My background is interdisciplinary with studies in human geography, mass communication, instructional technology and technology enhanced education and a PhD on managing corporate e-learning development. My working experiences range from secondary education to higher education and a variety of public and private organizations and businesses. Involvement was in numerous national and international projects (EU Parliament, EU Framework programs) on such topics as the European educational network, learning and development strategy, staff development, e-learning, networked learning, remote and virtual labs, micro-training, self-directed learning. These include experiences in different industries like the service industry, transport, automotive, do-it-yourself, energy, food and defense. 

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Pieter de Vries

Assistant Professor

Multi-Actor Systems

Systems Engineering

Research interests:
Design based research in the area of learning innovation, including the use of this approach as a method for learning analytics.
The endowment of a timely and flexible online provision for professional development for online learning in Higher Education.
The exploration of learner characteristics in online learning practices (blended, online, MOOcs, a.o.) to optimize learning design.
The research and application of new educational practices to improve workplace learning like ‘self-directed learning’ and ‘micro-training’.

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