A. (Alessio) Ciullo


I am currently a PhD candidate and an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) within the ‘SYSTEM-RISK’ Marie-Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network.
I received my bachelor degree from the Technical University of Milan (2013) and my master degree from the University of Bologna (2016), both in Environmental Engineering. During and after my studies, I was a visiting student at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) and the University of Uppsala (Sweden).


My PhD research focuses on developing and analysing long-term flood risk management strategies for large river catchments such as Rhine and Po Rivers, with particular focus on spatial interdependencies, e.g. upstream-downstream interactions. The research will explore spatial trade-offs emerging from the use of a broad set of decision criteria and will provide policy recommendations by placing emphasis on the implications of uncertainty for decision making.

  • Ciullo, A., Viglione, A., Castellarin, A., Crisci, M., and Di Baldassarre, G.: Socio-hydrological modelling of floodrisk dynamics: comparing the resilience of green and technological systems, Hydrological Science Journal, doi:10.1080/02626667.2016.1273527, 2016. 
  • Di Baldassarre, G., Saccà, S., Aronica, G. T., Grimaldi, S., Ciullo, A., and Crisci, M.: Human-flood interactions in Rome over the past 150 years, Adv. Geosci., 44, 9-13, doi:10.5194/adgeo-44-9-2017, 2017.

System-Risk - a large-scale systems approach to flood risk assessment and management
System-Risk is a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network which aims on developing and implementing a systems approach for large-scale flood risk assessment and management and provides a framework for training and career development of 15 Early Stage Researchers.

Alessio Ciullo

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Research interests:
Large-scale flood risk management
Decision making under deep uncertainty