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Abby Onencan is currently a Researcher. Her current research focus is on Sustainable Nile River Basin Management. Previously she was with the Nile Basin Discourse as the Regional Manager. The Nile Basin Discourse (NBD) is a civil society network with over 940 member and partner organisations within the Nile Basin region. NBD offers a public platform for dialogue, partnership and cooperation among civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Nile Basin. NBD network provides knowledge and builds capacity to strengthen the voice of CSOs within the Nile Basin region. NBD’s networking approach has provided a mechanism for coordinated action and has added value to the work of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) and other key development partners. The NBI is a major intergovernmental process driving forward joint development activities across the Nile basin. NBD is currently implementing programmes for CSO capacity development to contribute to social and climate resilience of riparian communities and inform the design, implementation and monitoring of Nile Basin policies and programs. She has an MSC in Education for Sustainability from the London South Bank University, MA in Governance and Development from the University of Antwerp in Belgium and a Bachelor of Laws from Moi University, Kenya.

  • Onencan, A. and B. Enserink, The Nile Basin by 2050: Strategic Foresight on the Nile Basin Water Governance, in Nile Basin Development Forum. 2014, The Nile Basin Discourse: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Barchiesi, S., Carlos-Sanchez, j, Cross, K, Perez de madrid, M. and Onencan, A., Adaptation Planning - Views towards Resilience and Up-scaling Success to Enhance Transboundary Water Governance, in Transboundary Water Governance: Adaptation to Climate Change, J.C.S.a.J. Roberts, Editor. 2014, IUCN, Bonn: Bonn, Germany 
  • Onencan, A., The 41st Nile Technical Advisory Committee (Nile-TAC) Meeting and the 22nd Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM): Meeting were held on the 16 - 19th June 2014 at the Corinthia Hotel, Khartoum, The Sudan., in Nile Voices. 2014, Nile Basin Discourse: Entebbe, Uganda
  • Onencan, A., Futures Planning for the Restoration of Ecosystem Services through Participatory Nile Basin Scenario Construction, in Nile Voices. 2014, Nile Basin Discourse: Entebbe, Uganda

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Abby Onencan


Multi-Actor Systems

Policy. Organisation, Law and Gaming

Research interests:
Policy learning
Actor & Stakeholder analysis
Scenario development
Serious gaming
Sustainable river basin management

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