Dr. ir. S.K.H. (Stephanie) Janssen


Stephanie Janssen is a researcher in the field of policy analysis and nature-based flood defenses. She works as a postdoc researcher for the NWO project ‘BE SAFE: Bio-Engineering for Safety using vegetated foreshores’. She combines her research with a position at Deltares, where she is involved in national and international flood protection consultancy and research projects. Stephanie obtained her PhD degree from Wageningen University with her thesis ‘Greening Flood Protection in the Netherlands, a knowledge arrangement approach’ in 2015.

Her main research interests relate to the use of scientific, stakeholder and bureaucratic knowledge in support of Nature-Based Flood Defence (NBFD) decision-making in coastal areas and the role of institutional design and actor interactions in support of NBFD solutions. In this field she combines scientific research with practical experience in interdisciplinary working environments. She has experience in supporting knowledge processes and governance analyses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore and European projects. Her main work activities include: the organization of knowledge processes to support decision-making and development of innovative solutions; implementation arrangements for the planning, construction, monitoring and maintenance of NBFD solutions; feasibility assessments of innovative technical water and coastal solutions using governance, institutional and stakeholder analysis tools; and joint-fact-finding works-sessions. 

Her postdoc concerns the implementation of NBFD solutions, specifically vegetated foreshores. She will work on innovative institutional arrangements for NBFD initiatives in the Netherlands. And she will develop decision tools to support the development of institutional arrangements for the design, implementation and long-term adaptive management of NBFD solutions.

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Stephanie Janssen


Multi-Actor Systems


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Research interests:

Knowledge processes
Nature-based flood defence solutions
Institutional analysis
Game theory

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