Dr.ir. D. (Dorien) Korbee


Dorien Korbee is a postdoctoral researcher at the Policy Analysis section of Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. Dorien obtained her BSc environmental studies at Utrecht University. Dorien then pursued her studies at Wageningen University, where she obtained her MSc in International Development Studies, with a specialisation in Environmental Policy. Dorien obtained her PhD degree from Wageningen University with her thesis on ‘greening the construction of marine infrastructure: a governance approach’ in 2014


Her postdoctoral research project concerns the implementation of strategic delta planning in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and Vietnam. She will explicitly focus on the role of actor coalitions in the implementation of these plans. She will conduct fieldwork in the Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and Vietnam. Based on her research, she will design an implementation feasibility tool that can be used to assess the possibilities for implementation. 

  • EPA 1144 Actor and strategy models. 
    Supervision of group work and Computer practicum
  • TB351 Bachelor project. 
    Supervision of issue papers.
  • Korbee, D. (2015) Greening the construction of marine infrastructure. A governance approach. PhD thesis. Wageningen University ISBN 978-94-6257-174-7
  • Korbee, D., Mol, A.P.J., van Tatenhove, J.P.M. (2015) Ecological considerations in constructing marine infrastructure: the Falmouth cruise terminal development, Jamaica. Marine Policy, 56 (23-32)
  • Korbee, D., Mol, A.P.J., van Tatenhove, J.P.M. (2014) Building with Nature in Marine infrastructure: toward and innovative project arrangement in the Melbourne channel deepening project. Coastal Management, 42 (1-16)
  • Korbee, D. & van Tatenhove, J.P.M. (2013) Environmental governance for marine infrastructure: Enabling and constraining conditions for ecodynamic development and design in marine instrastructure. Journal of environmental policy and planning, 15 (533-550) 

Strengtening Strategic Delta Planning in Bangladesh, Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond.

This project aims to better understand the dynamic delta planning processes within a longer time-frame and the roles of stakeholders, experts and policy-makers therein. The researchers in the project study three crucial elements that together heavily influence the fit of delta planning within society: dynamics in stakeholder coalitions over time, the role of knowledge and tools that support participatory processes, and the role of technological advances and innovative solutions.

This project is part of Research Programme "Urbanising Deltas of the World" funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Website: http://strategic-delta-planning.unesco-ihe.org/

Dorien Korbee

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Research interests:

Strategic Delta Planning

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