B.A. (Bramka Arga) Jafino


Bramka is a PhD researcher at the Policy Analysis section of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He studied industrial engineering in his bachelor and worked on an agent-based model for analysing Natural Gas Vehicle adoption in Jakarta in his final research. Following his interest in policy modeling, Bramka continued his study in TU Delft’s Engineering and Policy Analysis master programme where he worked on freight transport network criticality analysis for a World Bank project.


His PhD research is aimed at developing socially inclusive adaptation pathways for an urbanised delta in An Giang province, Vietnam. The research will explore how multi-temporal and multi-actor complexity can be explicitly addressed in developing adaptation pathways. For this purpose, a coupled hydrological/land-use model will be developed in order to quantitatively evaluate the performance of the pathways.

Bramka Arga Jafino

PhD Candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Research interests:
Decision making under uncertainty
Adaptive delta management
Coupled land-use and hydrological modeling
Social-ecological system