Drs. Q.J. (Quirijn) Lodder


I am lead adviser on coastal flood risk management at Rijkswaterstaat, which is the executive agency of the Dutch government for amongst others flood risk management. As a part of this role I have a part-time position at TU Delft, sections Coastal Engineering and Policy Analysis. My goal is to make the questions and issues concerned with coastal flood risk management more tangible for the academic audience and direct TU Delft colleagues. And while doing so developing academic approaches to these questions and issues, both from a technical as from a policy perspective. 


My research is focused on assumption based coastal policy and practice in the Netherlands, especially focusing  the role of conceptual models in bringing evidence based practice and assumption based policy together. My aim is to investigate how conceptual models in Dutch coastal management have influenced coastal policy and practice. These insights are used to develop models to influence policy development and to guide coastal research by both the academic and practitioners in the coastal community.

Supervision of M.Sc. students from both Coastal Engineering and Policy Analysis. Guidance and reflection with PhD’s and staff of both sections. Guest lectures on Dutch Coastal Management at both departments. 

Quirijn Lodder

External lecturer and PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Research interests:
(Dutch) Coastal Flood Risk Management
Policy Analysis

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