E.M. (Eva) Nieuwenhuis


Eva did a bachelor Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Delft. During her bachelors, she did a minor Water Engineering and Management. She liked it that much that she decided to switch to the master Water Management.

Her master thesis was about the relationship between Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) disposal patterns and FOG deposits in sewer systems. She then developed her interest in the interaction between people and technology, especially for large infrastructure systems, like urban drainage systems.


In February 2017, Eva started as a PhD candidate. Her research project focuses on sewer asset management in the Netherlands and multi-actor decision-making. 

In the upcoming decades, many sewers have to be replaced. Future systems have to be able to cope with climate change, ongoing urbanization, stricter emission laws and increasing economic concerns. Both scholars and policymakers have been raising the question if traditional wastewater management practices are able to meet future requirements. It has been widely acknowledged, both among scientists, policymakers and practitioners, that challenges of twenty-first century urban water management require solutions where problems are approached in a more integrated way. 

Such systems display typical characteristics of socio-technical systems: compared with traditional urban drainage systems, there will be more sub-systems involved. The systems will be tighter coupled, introducing more, and more diverse, interrelationships between sub-systems. Moreover, the systems introduce the involvement of more actors, all having different interests, responsibilities and perceptions.This increases the complexity of the decisions-making process. Eva her research focuses on the question how urban drainage decision makers should deal with the many uncertainties that the changing context, the changing organisation and the innovative systems introduce.

Eva’s research is a collaboration between the departments of Water Management (Civil Engineering) and Multi-Actor Systems (Technology Policy Management). She is working with Hans de Bruijn (Organization & Governance) and Jeroen Langeveld (Sanitary Engineering).

Eva Nieuwenhuis

PhD Candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:
Multi-actor decision making
Social-technical systems
Sewer asset management
Sustainable urban drainage systems


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