Ir. S.B.J. (Stefan) Wigman


Stefan is a PhD Candidate in the Policy Analysis section of the department Multi-Actor Systems at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Earth Sciences, and a Master’s degree in Engineering and Policy Analysis, both obtained at Delft University of Technology. Over the past years, he has participated in several global modelling projects ranging from migration dynamics to the transition towards renewable energy sources.


Stefan’s current research focuses on improving the techniques to model large-scale complex dynamical systems (i.e. migration). While being on the edge of computational limits, this requires a constant trade-off between additional value and added complexity of a system’s elements. In addition to the architecture of such models, he is also designing and developing several Python libraries to support and automate data preparation, model calibration, and geospatial result visualization.

  • Wigman, S. (2018). Global Migration Dynamics: An Exploratory Study Integrating Multi-Resolution Modeling Techniques with Semiautomatic Data Acquisition. [Master Thesis]
  • Steinmann, P., & Wigman, S. (2018). Subscript-Based Geospatial Migration Dynamics. In Proceedings of the 36th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society

Stefan provides assistance and/or supervision in several courses in the EPA curriculum.

Stefan Wigman

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Research interests:
System dynamics
Multi-scale modelling
Exploratory modelling
Data science

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