S. (Simon) Vydra


Simon is a PhD student at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University of Technology. Simon is mainly a political scientist with a very broad background in economics, law, public administration, policy analysis and logic. Simon’s research at Delft is focused on the role of Big Data in early and contextualized policy analysis and policy processes in general.


Simon’s research focuses on leveraging social media and search query data  to understand how people go through risky life course transitions and to supplement traditional policy analysis tools with insights that are more timely and more contextualized. 

  • Hemerijck, A.,  Burgoon, B., De Pietro, A., Vydra, S. (2017). Assessing Social Investment Synergies. European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion.
  • Hemerijck, A. & Vydra, S. (2016). Le champ d’analyse de la politique d’investissement social. Informations sociales. 192, p. 10-21

Simon Vydra

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:
Big Data
Policy Analysis
Institutional Complementarities
Policy Innovation
Evidence-based policy as a paradigm

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