S. (Supriya) Krishnan


Supriya Krishnan is a doctoral researcher at TU Delft's Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management where she is advised by Prof. Tina Comes. Her interest lies at the cross-section of design and policy-making that she is using to find pathways for long term urban planning under the impacts of climate uncertainty. This is important as she uses her expertise in design and collaborates with the engineering and modeling domains to find efficient ways for adaptive urban planning with a focus city regions in the urbanising Dutch Delta and India.

Supriya is a licensed architect in India and has worked on design/research projects across Asia and Europe. Most recently, she worked with Government of India and the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction to design the global Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI), an inter-country knowledge and capacity development partnership. She previously completed her masters in urbanism with honours in infrastructure and environmental design from TU Delft. 

Supriya Krishnan

PhD candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

System Engineering

Research interests:
Urban resilience
Resilience engineering

Decision making under deep uncertainty
Adaptive urban planning

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