T.S.G.H. (Toyah) Rodhouse


Toyah has a BA in International Relations and a MSc in Geography. Her prior research has been on institutional processes via which norms become embedded in companies. She specifically looked at intra-company, national differences in community engagement on the social and environmental impacts of resource development. Prior to her PhD, Toyah worked in the financial sector; at VBDO, she worked on establishing investor value of good corporate human rights performance and at Aegon she worked in sustainability strategy and reporting.


The use and production of gas in the Netherlands is causing controversies, among others reflected in debates on earthquakes in Groningen, production activities at vulnerable locations, and its fossil nature. At the same time, it is advocated that gas could play an important role in the sustainable energy transition. It is a societal and ethical challenge to determine what role, if any, gas could play in the Dutch (future) energy system.

In partnership with the University of Groningen we will research changing evaluations of gas in the Netherlands, and how these influence decision making: we will look at how the public, authorities, citizens and other stakeholders evaluate gas in our (future) energy system; what causes their evaluations to change over time; how decision makers can adequately include and address the multitude of (emerging) normative positions and evaluations of different stakeholders in the decision making process; and how this all constitutes institutional change.

Toyah Rodhouse

PhD Candidate

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:
Responsible decision making on gas

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