V. (Vittorio) Nespeca


Vittorio Nespeca is a PhD student at TU Delft. He obtained an MSc diploma in Hydroinformatics at the IHE-Delft Institute of Water Education where he was awarded competitive funding to work on a publication of his MSc research. His MSc thesis focused on the development and evaluation of a mobile and a web application for community resilience. The developed tools aimed at encouraging community engagement and improve disaster response and relief.


Vittorio Nespeca is interested in how Information Systems, their Design, and Evaluation can empower communities to deal with Crises and Natural Disasters. Two challenges in this field are finding how to fully engage communities, and bridge the gap between short-term Crisis Response and Relief, and the more long-term Risk Management and Adaptive Planning. He is currently looking into possible IT applications (such as augmented reality) which could help to address these challenges.

  • Working on a publication of his MSc research.

EU H2020 Project COMRADES.

COMRADES is creating an openā€source, community resilience platform, designed by communities, for communities, to help them reconnect, respond to, and recover from crisis situations. In other words, COMRADES is researching how technologies can help communities to be more resistant to crisis situations and by providing a way to optimally share information enable them to proceed with needed help action in due time.

Vittorio Nespeca

PhD student

Multi-Actor Systems

System Engineering

Research interests:
Community Resilience
Information Systems
Crisis and Disaster Management
Community Engagement and Participation

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