Dr. A.V. (Anatol) Itten



  • Public participation revisited: How to engage citizens, communities, corporations and the state meaningful in the co-design and co-production of a low carbon society? SHIFFT Project
  • Responsive policy-making: How to reduce the gap between the fragmented world of public opinion and the polarized world of public decision making? PVE Project
  • The disruption of everything: From the disruption of markets, to the disruption of society and democracy
  • Itten, A. (2019), From the disruption of markets, to the disruption of society and democracy: A short story about control, in German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations Report 2019 (forthcoming).
  • Itten, A. (2019), High-risk procedures. The future of dialogue and participation. Perspektive Mediation, 77.
  • Itten, A. (2018), Overcoming Social Division. Conflict resolution in Times of Polarization and Democratic Disconnection. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Itten, A. (2018), How can we resolve campus disputes based on values? University World News, Issue No: 520.
  • Itten, A. (2017), Context and Content toward Consensus in Public Mediation. Negotiation Journal, 33(3): 185-211. (Peer-reviewed by Lawrence E. Susskind).
  • Itten, A. (2017), Öffentliche Mediationsverfahren: Zwischen gesellschaftlichem Diskurs und Politikgestaltung, in Kriegel-Schmidt, K. (ed.), Mediation als neuer Wissenschaftszweig. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Anatol Itten

Postdoctoral reseacher

Jolanda Berbee

Multi-Actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

Research interests:
Co-creation in the sustainability transition
Responsive Policy-Making
Public Deliberation, Participation and Mediation
Social Disruption and Polarization

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