Dr. P.H.G. (Pieter) van Langen


Pieter van Langen is a senior researcher of Systems Engineering with an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Science. His main research interests concern the foundations of design. Besides developing design theories, he studies practical design applications in various domains. He focuses on the principles of designing complex socio-technical systems, in particular participatory systems. His articles appeared in various scientific workshop notes, conference proceedings, journals, and book chapters in different fields of science.

  • F.M.T. Brazier, P.H.G. van Langen, Zs. Ruttkay, and J. Treur (1994). On formal specification of design tasks. In: Proc. Artificial Intelligence In Design ’94, pp. 535-552.
  • F.M.T. Brazier, P.H.G. van Langen, and J. Treur (1996).  A logical theory of design. Advances in Formal Design Methods for CAD, pp. 243-266.
  • F.M.T. Brazier, P.H.G. van Langen, and J. Treur (1998).  Strategic knowledge in design: a compositional approach. Knowledge-Based Systems, 11(7), pp. 405-416.
  • P.H.G. van Langen (2002). The Anatomy of Design: Theories, Models, and Applications (Ph.D. Thesis), VU University Amsterdam.
  • P.H.G. van Langen, N.J.E. Wijngaards, and F.M.T. Brazier (2004). Designing creative artificial systems. AIEDAM, 18(3), 217-225.
  • P.H.G. van Langen and F.M.T. Brazier (2006). Design space exploration revisited. AIEDAM, 20(2), 113-119.

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Pieter van Langen

Senior Researcher

Multi-Actor Systems

Systems Engineering

Research interests:
Creativity in Design
Design Theory
Research through Design
Participatory systems

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Dr. P.H.G. (Pieter) van Langen

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