J.E. (Juliana) Goncalves


I am a (postdoc) researcher at the section of Policy Analysis in the department of Multi-Actor Systems. I am also part of the Centre for Urban Science and Policy.
My research seeks to understand the spatial dimension of the urban environment in order to inform policy on the challenges of equitable distribution of resources in cities.

I do what I most like: I collaborate with people across different disciplines and sectors to develop solutions for a sustainable society. In order to solve the challenges we face today, I am betting on unconventional and diverse collaborations. Why? Because finding optimal solutions that leave no one behind requires the integration of complex systems. Water, energy, food, land, transportation, waste. When it comes to climate change (justice!), optimising the whole system becomes an even greater challenge. I believe that diversity and transdisciplinary collaboration are key to tackle this challenge.


My research interests include energy transition, housing & buildings, spatial justice, climate/environmental justice, urban research, urban resilience, energy communities, circular economy, policy analysis.

Juliana Goncalves

Postdoctoral Researcher

Multi-Actor Systems

Policy Analysis

Vera van Bragt

Research interests:
Energy & Environment
Climate justice
Urban research
Spatial justice
Buildings & Housing
Urban resilience

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