S.H. (Sélinde) van Engelenburg


Sélinde van Engelenburg is a researcher at the Organisation & Governance section. She obtained her PhD at Delft University of Technology in the field of ICT. Her PhD research was on designing context-aware architectures for business-to-government information sharing for enhancing security and safety in international container shipping. The large-scale overarching architecture she developed helps to ensure that information sharing is compliant with laws and regulations. Furthermore, it provides businesses with control over their data, reducing their risks of sharing and improving their willingness to share. The architecture uses distributed ledger technology to provide secure access control. In addition, she developed a new method for designing context-aware systems in complex multi-stakeholder environments. Previously, Sélinde obtained a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Utrecht University with a specialization in logic and intelligent systems.


Sélinde’s research is on the role of new technological developments in cybersecurity. Her main focus is on the risks and benefits of Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in particular, for cybersecurity. She is especially interested in bridging the gap between technological and organizational perspectives and has a sociotechnical approach.

Sélinde van Engelenburg


Multi-actor Systems

Organisation & Governance

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S.H. van Engelenburg MSc

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