Courses and workshops for PhD students

The Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management offers courses and workshops for PhD students. The principal purpose is to train people in communication and didactical skills.

Special PhD courses

These courses are open to all researchers (PhD candidates, lecturers and post-docs) at the TU Delft (and affiliated organizations).  The courses offer individual attention, and topics are specifically tuned to the practical experience and needs of the participants.

Extensive information is offered in the links above, but if you have any further questions, please contact the course coordinator (listed in links), or contact the Centre for Languages and Academic Skills:

Courses are offered as part of the Graduate School education programme. Registration is via Brightspace.  (If you are not in the Graduate School, please contact us.  Your department will need to provide us a “baancode” for payment; external candidates will receive an invoice.)

If you are unable to attend the course, it is your responsibility to unenroll from the course on Brightspace.  Please do this promptly so that another researcher can take your place.  If you do not unenroll at least a week before the course, the Graduate School will be billed; you will not receive credit, and the Graduate School will not allow you to take the course again later.

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