The textbook for the Third Round consists of 15 texts on themes pertaining to the Netherlands, such as: famous Dutch people, economical development or the Golden Age. By this stage the texts will have become more specialized and once again, during the lessons, the various passages will be discussed. During the course each participant is expected to give three independently prepared oral presentations. Each course participant is also expected to submit five fairly long written assignments. The presentations and written assignments constitute part of the final test and, as such, must be of a high enough standard if the participant is to pass the test. Clearly it is therefore not possible to prepare for this final test by means of self-study alone.

Intensive or not intensive

The intensive courses are day time courses. Please note that these courses have a study load of 40 hours a week.  The course duration is five weeks. The lessons take place three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the morning or in the afernoon. On our timetable you can see when the courses take place.

The not intensive courses are given in the evening. The courses take place on Monday and Thursday evening. These courses last 7 weeks. On our timetable you can see when the courses take place.


CEF-levelStudy workload

Advanced intensive

B1 > B2

40 hrs a week

Advanced 1

B1 > B2-

10 hrs a week

Advanced 2

B2- > B2

10 hrs a week

COVID-19 measures

From September onwards we will offer more and more courses in two formats: groups with lessons at the Delft campus and groups with online lessons (twice a day online conversation lessons of about 45 minutes in small groups of max. 9 people). The groups with lessons on campus are, of course, subject to changes in Corona measures. Because we want to ensure the safety and health of our teachers and students, we will slowly expand the face-to-face courses. At available course dates you can see the courses that are offered online and on campus.

The final exams for all courses will take place on campus again from September onwards. If you cannot sit the final test at the TU Delft campus in Delft, we offer the possibility to take the exam online. The costs for the online exam are €30,-. For more information you can contact our office.

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