Elementary 1


CEF from 0 to A1.

Study workload

Around 10 hours a week (3 ects for TU students).


The lessons take place twice a week: on Monday and Thursday evening or on Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Each lesson takes one hour. Before or after each class (depending on the time schedule) you will have half an hour to make the listening tests in the computer room.

Introductory meeting
Before the course starts there will be an introductory meeting. During the introductory meeting you will be told how to work with the Delftse methode and how to prepare for your lessons. It is not only advisable but also compulsory to come to this meeting! Students who did not show up at the introductory meeting will be deleted from the students list.


Nederlands voor Buitenlanders, tekstboek (het Groene Boek), 5th edition.

Course fees and payment

The course fee for the regular course program is € 405,- excluding lesson material. This fee is valid until August 1st 2022. Due to the COVID-19 measures, the course program is mainly offered online. As long as we cannot offer a complete face-to-face program next to our online courses, we offer a discount on the regular course fee for the online courses: for the courses starting from August 1st 2021 onwards a discount of 10% applies. The prices as mentioned are subject to change.

Enrolment procedure for students

TU Delft students with a valid Campus card can follow this course as an elective course (wm1115 = 3 ects). First, they have to follow the introduction programme. Registration for this must be done through Brightspace. The module can be found by searching for “Pre-enrollment Dutch” and selecting “Pre-enrollment for introductionary lesson & Test Dutch course” (tpm-preenroll-dutch). After pre-enrolment students attend the introductory lesson (obligatory). Then they study chapters 1 and 2 of the course book in preparation of the introductory test. (Free course materials are available.) Students who pass the introductory test, can enrol for the course via Brightspace.

We advise students who just arrived in the Netherlands to settle first, find out how much time they need for their studies etc. before they enroll for a Dutch course.

Schedule & registration

Below you can register for either an online course or a course on campus. At the moment the courses with lessons on campus are still limited, we try to expand those courses during the coming Academic year.

COVID-19 measures

From September onwards we will offer more and more courses in two formats: groups with lessons at the Delft campus and groups with online lessons (twice a day online conversation lessons of about 45 minutes in small groups of max. 9 people). The groups with lessons on campus are, of course, subject to changes in Corona measures. Because we want to ensure the safety and health of our teachers and students, we will slowly expand the face-to-face courses. At available course dates you can see the courses that are offered online and on campus.

The final exams for all courses will take place on campus again from September onwards. If you cannot sit the final test at the TU Delft campus in Delft, we offer the possibility to take the exam online. The costs for the online exam are €30,-. For more information you can contact our office.

Video impressions

If you want to know more about the Delftse Methode we advise you to take a look at the video impressions. Former course-participants share their experience with the Delftse Methode in these videos.

Order the Green Book

Books can be ordered online or be purchased at your local bookshop. From August 12th 2021 onwards you can also buy our course books on the campus at the Academic bookshop DA-SH. The shop is located in the Faculty of Industrial Design at Landbergstraat 15 in Delft.