Summer school

The summer school is a highly intensive summer programme which has been set up especially for those who are very proficient in German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Icelandic. Only in consultation with a teacher other students can be admitted to this heavy programme.
The program includes a crash Beginners' course (two weeks) immediately followed by a fast “Second Round” course (of three weeks) and the Advanced level course (of three weeks) , “the Third Round”.


CEF from 0 to B2/C1.

Study workload

Around 40 hours a week. This course is extremely intensive, you will learn around 200 new words a day!


The lessons take place five days a week, from Monday until Friday. There is one lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon, for one hour. After each lesson there is a listening test for half an hour in the computer language laboratory.
Before the course starts there will be an introductory meeting. During the introductory meeting you will be told how to work with the Delftse methode and how to prepare for your lessons. It is not only advisable but also compulsory to come to this meeting! Students who did not show up at the introductory meeting will be deleted from the studens list.


Course fees and payment

  • Beginners: €360,- 
  • Intermediate:  €400,-
  • Advanced:  €360,-

The mentioned fees are excluding lesson material.
Please, click here for information about payment.

Schedule & registration

You can register for all three levels or for one or two separate levels. After each level there will be an exam. Students who pass the exam, can start the next level course.

For advice, please contact the co-ordinating teacher, Mr Peter Kraal.

Due the Coronavirus measures all physical education at the TU Delft has been cancelled or altered to online education at least until July 1st. As we expect the situation will not yet be back to normal after that date we have decided that the summer courses will this year take place in an online format. Lessons will be online conversation lessons in small groups.




Summer course

This summer we also offer an online Elementary 2 summer course. More information can be found here. You can register for this course through our website.

Order the Green Book

Books can be ordered online or be purchased at your local bookshop.

Order the Tweede ronde

Books can be ordered online or be purchased at your local bookshop.

Order the Derde ronde

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