Bachelor students

For foreign students who are about to start on a bachelor’s programme at Delft University of Technology, we recommend to take the intensive Dutch language course. You can start with this course in August or September (in the year before the start of your Bachelor of Science programme).
In order to start the Dutch language course you will need to be (conditional) admitted to a Bachelor of a Science programme and provide us with a TU Delft conditional admission letter from the International Office. 

Information on how to apply for a Bachelor of Science course and further admission requirements can be found here.

Before the start of the academic year one must at least have sat and passed the relevant Scientific Language course (4th level) or Architectural Terminology course. The Dutch course consists of:

  1. Beginners course (the Green book)
  2. Intermediate course (the Second round)
  3. Advanced course (the Third round)
  4. Language of Science or Language of Architecture
  5. Prospective students for Civil Engineering or Chemical Engineering have to study an extra syllabus, which is concluded by a test.

If you already have some knowledge of the Dutch language you can make an appointment for a placement test.

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