How to study?

How to use the materials of the Delft method? 

For each course, the course materials of the Delft method consist of a textbook and online materials that can be found at In the study guide you can read how to learn the texts step by step until you can understand and comprehend them immediately without any help.

Here you can download the “how to study”:

Course fees and payment

  • Beginners: € 455,- 
  • Intermediate: € 505,- 
  • Advanced: € 455,- 

The mentioned fees are excluding lesson material and are valid until August 1st, 2022. Please, click here for information about payment.

Schedule & registration

You can register for all three levels or for one or two separate levels. After each level there will be an exam. Students who pass the exam, can register for the next level course.

For advice, please contact the co-ordinating teacher, Liesbeth Schenk. It is not yet clear if the summer course program will take place on the campus in Delft or if it still needs to take place online.

Dates 2021

Introduction meeting: June 17th 2022

Beginners: June 20th – July 5th 2022
Available dates and online registration

Intermediate: July 6th – July 25th 2022
Available dates and online registration

Advanced: July 26th – August 10th 2022
Available dates and online registration