English for BSc and MSc Students

We offer a range of English skills courses to help you succeed at the university. To determine the proper level, you need to take our placement test first, except for Grammar for the University (TPM 018A) and Thesis writing for the MSc (wm1139TU). 

Once you have received a course recommendation, you can register via Brightspace. All these courses (except Advanced English) are one quarter (7 weeks) and offer 2 ECTS—and all our courses are free to students.

All Master’s students can take Thesis Writing. No placement test is required, but you must be actively writing your thesis!


An announcement will be posted on Brightspace as soon as the new groups are open.

Students who have successfully completed other English courses in this department in the past 12 months do not need to take the test. Contact your previous instructor for advice.

Students who took our Placement Test before

From the academic year 2021-2022 we will no longer offer Spoken English for Technologists or English for Academic Purposes to students. Please read the following information carefully to see which course you can register for instead.

If you have taken our Placement Test before, and were recommended SET 1 or EAP2, you can sign up for Writing in English for the University (TPM303A) or Spoken English for Group Work (TPM301A). If you have taken our Placement Test before, and were recommended SET 2 or EAP3, you can sign up for Advanced writing in English for the University (TPM304A) or Advanced Spoken English for Group Work (TPM301B).


For more information please contact either the lecturer or:
The secretaries' office
TPM, Room C0.030
Tel. 015-2783646
Email: EnglishUnit@tudelft.nl

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