What is it?

Various events, such as lectures and symposia organised by TPM scientists regularly take place at the faculty and within the TU. TPM researchers are also regular speakers at various conferences and other events in the Netherlands and abroad. Employees also regularly travel abroad for research projects. We would like to be informed of these events well in advance so that we can communicate about them before, during and afterwards. We can also advise you during the preparation of an event, for example about the branding in presentations and promotional materials.

If possible, we would like to receive the following information no later than two weeks prior to the event:

  • Date of event / travel,
  • Name / place event / travel,
  • Description of the event / travel,
  • Brief description of the content of your lecture / presentation or purpose of the trip and newsworthiness,
  • Any available visual material (note copyright and / or portrait right),
  • The URL of the event website / organization.

Examples of events:

  • Symposium
  • Jubilee
  • Lunch lecture
  • Visit to an organization (abroad)

Please contact us directly.


News about events will usually be published on the employee portal, the department page(s) of the website, TPM News, Social Media (LinkedInTwitterInstagram).

Please contact us directly.