Nominations and Awards

What is it?

As soon as you learn that you, or your colleagues, is appointed or nominated for an award, please let us know immediately. We would like to receive the following information from you:

  • Date of award ceremony/ appointment
  • Name of the award
  • Short description of the award
  • Description of why the appointment or award is particular and / or important
  • Description of why you received the award/ appointment
  • The possible press release (or a URL to it)
  • Any available visual material (note copyright and / or portrait right)
  • The URL of the website of the relevant authority that issues the award / nomination

Examples of appointments and awards:

  • Internal appointments
  • Best paper awards
  • Appointment of an external committee

Please contact us directly.


News about awards and prizes will usually be published on the employee portal, the department page(s) of the website, TPM News, Social Media (LinkedInTwitterInstagram).

Please contact us directly.