The Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE) is part of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. The vision of the Center is to be a global leader in entrepreneurship and innovation research and education. DCE provides education programs at bachelor and master level and contributes to PhD training and other teaching programs.

The programs serve approximately 550 students across the faculties of TU Delft with a goal to increase their entrepreneurial activity and, eventually, the start of new technology-based firms or venture projects within established organisations.

DCE philosophy

We value imagination and questioning the status quo, and it is our aim at TU Delft to support entrepreneurial behavior. Entrepreneurial behavior is based on a decision-making style that deals with ambiguity and a lack of data in very complex and dynamic environments. This is particularly valuable for design- and engineering students who are at the frontier of new technology development and who explore the value of new technology. Understanding the value of technology, to whom it brings value and how to capture that value, will help students not only to start new firms but also act more entrepreneurial in private and public organizations and helps researchers to be more successful in applying for grants.

It is our belief that entrepreneurial behavior equips designers and engineers with essential skills that make them more valuable and resilient on the job market. We value imagination  that requires devotion and we strongly encourage students to acquaint themselves with all aspects of entrepreneurship. However, at all times this should be on a free elective basis, because you cannot force someone to become the next Elon Musk.