EIT Health Summerschool


This is a two-week program focussing on business development for challenges from health care providers.

From creathon to validation

Delft, Netherlands: The program starts with a creathon in where you will identify the challenges in health care institutes & define the opportunities that you want to work on. You will further explore those in ideation and validation workshops

Barcelona, Spain: You will further materialise your business idea in the second week, in Barcelona you will focus on go-to market and reimbursement strategies.

Upon finishing the Summer School, you receive a Health Entrepreneurship Certificate and 3 ECTS. The Summer School ends with final presentations and a jury Prize.

For whom and how to apply

We invite PhD and master students and young professionals with a strong interest in creating a business in a health care environment. We ask you to send your CV and motivation letter, which will be reviewed by a selection committee. We select between 30-40 participants depending on the quality of applications. You need to be able to communicate in English fluently.

Further information & application (by July 15, 2020):

Send an e-mail to dce@tudelft.nl
Include your master program/ profession and motivation of max 150 words, showing your interest and experience in Health and/or Entrepreneurship.

The Program

In brief, the overview of the program is outlined below.


Participants have to arrange their on hotel/ accomodation reservations.  

In Delft  The summer school starts in Delft, Monday August 17 – Saturday August 21, at the TBM Faculty of TU Delft. Building 31, Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX, Delft. Downtown Delft has plenty of hotels.

Options for accommodation in Delft or The Hague

In Barcelona Monday August 24, the summer school continues in Barcelona at Case Palau Macaya, Passeig de Sant Joan, 108, 08037, Barcelona until the evening August 28.

Options for accommodation in Barcelona

Partners of the workshops

Play rules

Possibilities for reimbursement exist when you register before July 15.

  • For NL students: you can reimburse your return flight from the Netherlands to Spain
  • For Spain students: you can reimburse your return flight from Spain to the Netherlands 
  • For EU students: you can reimburse your single flights to the Netherlands and from Spain
  • All above reimbursements are up to max. 300 euros each student.

Accommodation & travel costs to Delft and to Barcelona must be arranged by the participants themselves.