Master Courses

The master courses in entrepreneurship focus on the transformation of technology inventions into solutions of real problems. We take entrepreneurship as a journey and decision making process in which societal problems, such as energy and material scarcity, aging populations, data analytics and privacy are addressed and converted in opportunities to develop new products and services that are desired and solve the problems people have. The major scientific discoveries and technology inventions at the TU Delft offer great impact and can contribute well to society. An entrepreneurial mind-set and acting accordingly is essential to reap the benefits of these discoveries and inventions.

Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship offers master courses that are evidence driven and vary between theory-based modules and very hands-on real-life case-driven project courses. 

The following courses represent a selection of the entrepreneurship-related courses offered by Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship and others at TU Delft. The courses are offered as core courses, practice courses and supplemental courses.

Core courses are the starting points for entrepreneurs. They teach you the basics of  entrepreneurial thinking and the concepts and frameworks to analyse the market arena and make decisions.  

Course codeCourse titel
MOT9610 Entrepreneurship Basic Course 
MOT9614 Health Entrepreneurship Basic Course
WM0638SET Sustainable Business Venturing
WM0516TU Turning Technology into Business
MOT9556 Corporate Entrepreneurship
WM0787TU Patent Law and Patent Policy

The practice courses are very tangible and focus on developing solutions for real problems. You will work on real-life cases and develop business models to make it happen. 

Course codeCourse Titel
MOT9612 Business Development Lab 
MoT9615 Health Business Development Lab
WM0506TU Ready to Start-up
MOT9515  CleanTech Business Study
WM4002 Experience Entrepreneurship

Supplemental courses, important once the basics have been mastered, are listed below.
The supplemental course provide you with specific knowledge on entrepreneurship related topics. These course can be taken as an elective

Those interested in a general introduction to entrepreneurship can take the online courses that are free to access or can take part in entrepreneurship series or follow and inspirational event with the YES!Delft students.