Corporate Entrepreneurship

What is it about?

Corporate Entrepreneurship will learn you the different structures and strategies that large established organisations use to engage with start-ups. You will develop knowledge and skills to analyse strategic corporate venturing situations and design the most appropriate solutions from both the perspective of established firms and start-ups.

To whom is it addressed?

The course is for master students interested in 

  • Managing and organising for disruptive technologies
  • Collaboration between established organizations and start-ups

How does it connect ?

Corporate Entrepreneurship is a master elective course and part of the TPM specialisation Emerging Technology-Based Innovation and Entrepreneurship and can be chosen as elective in various other master elective programs.
The course is both theory and evidence-based.

What is the outcome?

Main student work: to investigate and analyse a corporate venturing program of established firms and act as a consultant to advice on how to improve such a program.

Course codes/ size
MOT9556 – 6 ECTS 

Dr. Victor Scholten


Dr. Victor Scholten

Module manager