Idea to Startup - Global Food


In the ACT Global Food Change course, you will work in a team to identify a startup opportunity within the context of the agro-food sector. You will analyze a global/regional/national/local context and look at the social, economic, environmental, political, and entrepreneurial ecosystem, identify a challenge in the food sector and develop an innovative startup idea for tackling the framed challenge. Hence, you will design your startup, test the idea's validity, and build a viable business model. In this course, you will roadmap an idea to a sustainable innovation-driven company and learn what benefits and barriers come with developing a business in the global/regional/national/local food system. The main focus of this course is to deep-dive in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and develop sustainable/circular business models that can contribute to social benefits and food security for the future.
You will focus on agro-food technologies transforming traditional supply chains, rural farming, and energy solutions globally and locally. You will learn how to use entrepreneurial tools such as value proposition development and customer and market segmentation, value chain and stakeholder analyses, and sustainable and inclusive business modelling to analyze opportunities for new development-oriented startups. This contributes to food security, poverty reduction, and sustainability for the future.

What to expect?

A merger of lectures and guest lectures, workshop activities, group pitch deck presentations, and in-class discussion.

The course is organized into weekly interactive lectures. In the classes, the theories of that week will be explained. Moreover, startups will give guest lectures, telling about their experiences, barriers, and learnings about starting a company. Lastly, workshops will be offered during the classes, wherein the students can apply the content to their specific startup and work on their ideas.

Teams will be assigned to present their startup idea and give a short pitch deck presentation of progress every week for peer review. 

Enrollment Requirements

Global Food Change is a free elective course open to all master students. Please enrol through Brightspace up to and including the first week of the class. E-mail the instructor if you have any further questions.

Cours code/Size
TPM415A / 5 ECTS


Day (Class Hours)

F. Delgado Medina 
G.M. Wakeling   

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