Patent Law and Patent Policy

What is it about?

Intellectual Property or IP; what does it mean and why would a scientist even bother to spend his or her time understanding these legal concepts? As intellectual property rights were, by and large, created to protect the fruits of the intellectual efforts of inventors, scientists, and artists.

To whom is it addressed?

But IP is certainly not just for companies or entrepreneurs. Scientists are required to work with companies to obtain funding and to help put their results to good use. IP rights play an important role in this process. A better understanding of the dos and don’ts concerning IP helps scientists to form better and stronger partnerships with scientific colleagues from industry and the companies themselves.

How does it connect ?

This course can be taken as a core course for the Annotation Entrepreneurship or as an elective in various programs.

What is the outcome?

During the course participants will analyze and present a case in which a university spin-off is confronted with a multitude of IP issues.

Course codes/ size
WM0787TU – 5 ECTS

Dr. Roland Ortt Erik Visscher
Maurits Westerik 


Dr. Roland Ortt

Module Manager