Technology Scout 2


This course is second in the two-part program. Technology Scout is intended for students who are interested in building a startup based on a research or technology developed at TU Delft.

After successfully completing Tech Scout 1, you are eligible to apply for Tech Scout 2. If you are selected, Tech Scout 2 is a course in which you build a business model for the company and keep developing the venture, just like you would in an incubator.

A lot of the work you do in this program is independent. This is a leadership program that creates innovations and you are expected to be proactive, offer new and bold initiatives, and exhibit a healthy level of free thinking.

What to expect?

In Tech Scout 1 you explored market opportunities and assessed the product-market fit. You are now ready to start developing a busines model around your university spin-out as well as working on core operational activities such as product development and establishing partnerships and a founding team.

You will form a business model, a plan for your venture to capture part of the value it creates for its customers. This includes forming a go-to-market strategy (marketing and distribution channels), identifying necessary suppliers and partners, establishing a revenue model, and outlining the cost structure. All of this is summarized in the business model canvas. Furthermore, you will outline your roadmap to the first customer, assess the profitability of the venture, and specify funding requirements.

In addition, at the beginning of the course you will set the direction in which you would like to take your venture and the milestones that you want to achieve by the end of the class. Each week you will propose tasks that you plan to execute that week, define success, and interpret the results in class the following week. These are your self-assignments through which you will work on achieving your goals. The self-assignments usually revolve around further market validation, building your team and necessary partnerships (especially with the lab), and product development.

Throughout the course, you will present progress reports to stakeholders, in order to receive feedback. Therefore, the course helps you communicate your business idea and sharpen your presentational skills, especially in the business context.

Enrolment / Application

Prerequisites: Technology Scout 1 (TPM421A)

You have to complete Technology Scout 1 (TPM421A) successfully and get approval to attend Technology Scout 2.

Your grade is determinded by class assignments and participation, final report, and a final presentation. Each student is expected to attend and actively participate in lectures and sessions and make weekly progress on assignments and self-assignments. You are graded not only on the deliverables, but on your commitment and on how well you handle the entrepreneurial process. The assessment of this course is Covid-19 proof.

Cours code/Size
TPM422A / 5 ECTS

2 & 4

Day (Class Hours)
Mon and Wed (7&8)

Dr. A. Giga
Dr. L. Hartmann

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