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  • Full of game-changing ideas?
  • Working on an innovative thesis- or course assignment full?
  • Looking for a traineeship, a job, or a company to carry out your final project?
  • Interested in working with companies like ASML, TBI, Gemini, Fujifilm, and Yamaha?
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Join the TU Delft Impact Contest!
The TU Delft Impact Contest is an innovation competition for all students of TU Delft. During the competition, you will work in close collaboration with relevant organizations of different focus areas. With online and offline contact with the partner coaches, you will bring your idea, prototype or StartUp to the next level and have social impact. In June, the spectacular final event takes place. On this exciting day, the best teams are going to pitch their idea to a professional jury and have a chance of winning a significant amount of money.

No idea?
You don't have an idea of your own, but are you looking for a new challenge? No problem! You can subscribe for interesting business cases from our partners.

What can you win?
Besides valuable coaching and training, networking opportunities and becoming part of the coolest community on campus, there are different categories for which prizes will be awarded. Furthermore, an audience prize and prizes from our business partners can be won. Total prize money will be more than €20,000!

How to join?
Are you interested in all the opportunities the TU Delft Impact Contest has to offer? Sign up at! Create a profile and start innovating and networking! 

“The contest provides a lot of opportunities for students to receive coaching from industry experts, but also to learn more about entrepreneurship and starting a company.”

― Victor Scholten - Director Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship

Delft Startup Night

Keynote by Menno Gravemaker – MomoMedical

Delft Centre of Entrepreneurship has teamed up with the Silicon Valley based accelerator Plug & Play and a group of student entrepreneurs (Breeze) to organize the first edition of the Delft Startup Night. The night is for all students that are considering to pursue entrepreneurship, a perfect fit with this minor. The evening will start with TU students pitching their startups in front of a jury of investors and coaches, it will end with pizzas, drinks and the opportunity to talk to like-minded people. So have you always been interested in entrepreneurship and want to see what’s cooking in the startup kitchen of Delft? Click attending on our Facebook event to get pitches and pizza!

TU Delft Ideation Contest

This year the 1st edition of TU Delft Ideation Contest was kicked-off on Wednesday evening March 20. Forty-nine teams have enrolled from across the university. With the support of industry experts and a workshop program on ideation and prototyping they will come up with great, out-of-the-box thinking innovative solutions for societal problems and translate them into real products and business plans. The best teams will be invited to battle with the best students from the other Technical Universities in the Netherlands in the ‘Dutch 4TU Impact Finals’. The TU Delft Ideation Contest is an opportunity for all TU students. The contest is an initiative between Soapbox and Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship.

4TU.CybSec Capstone Entrepreneurial 2019

On 7 March 2019, Master students with a computer science background from TU Delft and University of Twente visited the HSD Campus for a special programme as part of their 'Entrepreneurial Skills Course'. The purpose is to teach the students about entrepreneurship in cyber security and to practice it. Lecturers from the universities will teach the relevant theory and prepare the students for practical work. In total, 10 businesses and Deputy Mayor for The City of The Hague Saskia Bruines were present.

Entrepreneurship program for cyber security students

For the second year, DCE provides an entrepreneurship program for cyber security students from TU Delft and Twente University. The students will conduct market research and investigate new market opportunities for small and medium sized firms in cyber security.

The program is offered for the 4TU master Cyber Security.

Central America Water Project in Mexican newspapers

The Central America Water Project of the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development was featured in 2 Mexican newspapers.

SEAD – Entrepreneurship Training

Starting the 21st of May Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) provided a training to lecturers of various Rwanda knowledge institutes on entrepreneurship focusing on the 10 step Valorisation Canvas. The training was provided by Frederieke Muijs (Valorisation Centre) and Ellen van Andel (Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship) and requested by the SEAD project aimed at strengthening capacity to achieve sustainable food security in Rwanda, funded by Nuffic. A week filled with various activities ranging from practicing using tools like the Business Model Canvas to receiving guest lectures from entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

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Internship students from Barton Hill college Trivandrum, India at Delft

The Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship supervised eight students from Barton Hill college, Trivandrum, India. They were from the Department of Translational Engineering. They were the guest of the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship from February until April 2018. Translational Engineering means that scientific knowledge is put to practice. The Institute offers training programs for concrete job preparation.

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TU Delft student team Ecoplanks in finals Cleantech Challenge in London

Sustainable development is a hot topic and receives a lot of interest. However, to bring sustainable technologies into practice for commercialisation is a challenge. Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship  tackles these skills during their course ‘Cleantech Business Study’ , in which a number of student teams develop  sustainable business ideas and analyse their feasibility for commercialisation. The ideas are judged by a jury as part of the international business competition CleanTech Challenge.

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Summary of the content and discussion of the conference: Technology as Driver for Sustainable Agriculture, the case of Surinam

Delft, 8 februari 2018

The program set up started with the big picture of sustainability and entrepreneurship and focused increasingly on agriculture and then Surinam and Marowijne. Wayne Visser presented a specific conceptual approach of sustainable development that takes systemic influences and feedback loops between different areas into consideration. This is a step forward in comparison to the 16 development goals treated as separate elements.

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Entrepreneurial Spark: Entrepreneurship in the Circular Economy

Date:  21 March 17.30- 19.00
Location: TU Delft, building 31, TPM, Jaffalaan 5, Room A

The Delft Centre for Entrepreneur invites you to visit this entrepreneurial spark.

We have two speakers, Richard Burger co-founder of SWAPfiets and Wouter Chömpff, accelerator coach.

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Inspirational Lecture: The Business of Brewing

Date:  6 February 17.00- 18.45
Location: TU Delft, building 31, TPM, Jaffalaan 5, Room A

Together with StiBON, DCE organizes a Masterclass "The Business of Brewing"

On February 6 is the first master class on beer and entrepreneurship. Sam Holloway, associate professor Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the University of Portland (Oregon) and founder of Crafting a Strategy, gives a presentation entitled "The Business of Brewing".

"Small breweries are becoming big business. it's important to learn how to turn your passion into great beer into a profitable, scalable, and fun business! ", says Holloway.

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Technology as Driver for Sustainable Agriculture, the case of Surinam

Conference day organized by the Delft Center for Entrepreneurship TU Delft.

Date:  8 February 9.30- 16.30
Location: TU Delft, building 31, TPM, Jaffalaan 5, Room A

Technical systems increasingly realize sustainable production for a sustainable food chain. Increasingly also agriculture is becoming redefined by technology: greenhouses, climate systems, cooling, CO2 insertion, LED light, all controlled by ICT. Also in food processing and packaging technology plays a major role by different sorts of efficient machinery and the electronic monitoring of the value chain. For developing countries this offers new opportunities for entrepreneurship.

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Tailor-made training on innovation and entrepreneurship in Uganda

Early December TU Delft and Makerere University with funding from Nuffic implemented a tailor made training on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship to aid agricultural value chains”. The training lasted 2 weeks during which TU Delft trainers from TU Delft Global Initiative and TU Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship and participants discussed and identified challenges in doing entrepreneurship along agricultural value chains.

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Helft startende ondernemers jonger dan 35 jaar

De helft van de startende ondernemers is jonger dan 35 jaar in Nederland en voor Delft geldt dat van de gemeenten in Nederland met ten minste 250 starters in 2016 zelfs bijna een kwart jonger dan 25 jaar was.

Lees hier het gehele artikel.

DCE Hall of fame: Eliane Khoury – Honoured Entrepreneur at TU Delft

During the Female Ventures inspirational lecture on November 16, Eliane Khoury, founder and CEO of the company Virus Free Air (VFA Solutions) was honoured for her excellence and outstanding persistence in Entrepreneurship. Eliane developed her entrepreneurial idea, inspired by her MSc graduation project, some 10 years ago. In several entrepreneurship courses, such as Turning Technology into Business and Writing a Business Plan, which currently reside under the authority of the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE), Elaine turned her entrepreneurial idea into a business which specializes in air purification.

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CloudCuddle winnaar TedXAmsterdamWomen StartUp Award

CloudCuddle has won the TedXAmsterdamWomenStartUp Award 2017. The company from Delft that developed a transportable bedtent for disabled children beat the two other finalists during the yearly TedXAmsterdam Women event that was held yesterday in the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen.

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New program: Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship

New at TU Delft is a specific entrepreneurship program for students and academics interested in developing innovations for Health care markets. The master annotation Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers a comprehensive program for students who want to develop entrepreneurial skills and who are motivated to explore the opportunities for further development of their (business)ideas. The offered program totals 20 ECTS and can be followed extracurricular to the master program or as part of the free electives. More information about the course can be found here.


Inspirational lecture: 3 october: Entrepreneurship in Tanzania

Stichting Sengerema en het Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship organiseren op 3 oktober a.s. een open bijeenkomst over ondernemerschap in Tanzania. Centraal staat het bevorderen van bedrijvigheid in Afrika via nieuwe initiatieven bij kleine bedrijven en het opbouwen van human capital zodat de initiatieven een duurzaam karakter hebben en bestendig zijn voor de toekomst via lokale betrokkenheid. Het programma begint om 12.30 en verschillende ondernemers en financiers van projecten zullen inzicht geven in het ondernemen in Tanzania. De bijeenkomst wordt afgesloten met een plenaire discussie. De bijeenkomst is na aanmelding vrij toegankelijk en vindt plaatst in de Bouwcampus, gebouw 26, zaal 2. Meer informatie zie hier.