Internship students from Barton Hill college Trivandrum, India at Delft

The Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship supervised eight students from Barton Hill college, Trivandrum, India. They were from the Department of Translational Engineering. They were the guest of the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship from February until April 2018. Translational Engineering means that scientific knowledge is put to practice. The Institute offers training programs for concrete job preparation.

The students were preparing their master theses in India mainly on the Munro Thurutu islands. This is an island group that is gradually sinking, probably because the siltation stopped when a dam higher up in the river was built. Increasingly flooding takes place and the soil is eroded without being repleted by the river. The inhabitants gradually lose their land, the houses are deteriorating, the youth is leaving and income generating options are lacking.

At the same time the region has high potential for tourism and it is high on the agenda of the local authorities.

The students focused on entrepreneurship and project management for concrete and small-scale solutions, areas in which the expertise of Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship was very useful. Instead of a comprehensive plan which takes a lot of time in preparation and a lot of money, while the inhabitants are waiting, there is a lot that can be done on a smaller scale and with little means.

Each of the students prepared a project proposal or a business plan that is related to their master thesis. But while the master thesis takes a comprehensive look, the project plan or business plan is targeted at small-scale solutions that can be realized anyway, without waiting for big money and a comprehensive approach. Three of the business plans developed by the students are presented in this movie. They can be applied to the Munro Thurutu islands, but they may be as well applied to other situations.

After eight weeks of study and cooperation and exchange at the Delft University of Technology, the Indian students left home. But they take with them, not so much new knowledge, but a new perspective on the knowledge they already had. They take home the entrepreneurial ability to put into practice in a piecemeal and gradual way what they have already learned in terms of civil engineering or electric engineering or whatever. They are ready to apply it with an entrepreneurial mentality for creative and realistic change.

Presentation of internship students from Barton Hill college