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18 February 2021

Behnam Taebi shapes further cooperation of the TU Delft with partners in The Hague Behnam Taebi, professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, has been agreed by the Executive Board of Delft University of Technology to act as the figurehead of TU Delft in The Hague. His task is to strengthen and expand strategic alliances with partners in The Hague.

15 February 2021

Robert Verburg is Associate Editor for the International Journal of Project Management

As per January 1, 2021 Robert Verburg is appointed as Associate Editor for the International Journal of Project Management (IJPM). In this role, Verburg will bridge contemporary project management with technology, innovation, leadership, and human resource management.

02 February 2021

Behnam Taebi and Martijn Warnier appointed as full professors

The TU Delft Executive Board decided to appoint Behnam Taebi as full professor of Energy & Climate Ethics and Martijn Warnier as full professor of Complex Systems Design.

01 February 2021


Do you scream at your voice assistant? You are not the only one. Siri and Alexa can cause rude communication. Ethicist Olya Kudina (Delft University of Technology) explains how voice assistants influence our behaviour.

06 January 2021

Universiteit van NL lecture Filippo Santoni de Sio: How to keep robots under control?

In a new series of English lectures of the Universiteit van Nederland (University of the Netherlands), Filippo Santoni de Sio talks about the delicate balance between the 'robot dream' and the 'robot doom'. In his lecture 'How can we keep robots under control?' he explains that you should include human values in the design of a robot from the start of the designing process. Only then can you speak of 'meaningful human control'.