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26 February 2020

Servaas Storm in New York Times on corona

The lockdown of Italy's industrial heart because of the corona virus has heightened fears of disruption in the global supply chain. Italy's economy has not grown in two decades. As one of 19 countries that share the euro currency, Italy must abide by strict rules on public spending, further limiting growth and making its companies especially dependent on trade. “Because of the austerity that is ingrained into Italian economic policy, the domestic market is not growing,” said Servaas Storm, an economist at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. “So firms that want to grow have to do it through exports.”

25 February 2020

Cees van Beers chair of NWO SSH roundtable Economics and Business Administration

18 February 2020

Enno Schroder and Kornelis Blok receive planning grant from the Volkswagen Foundation

Enno Schroder and Kornelis Blok have been awarded a “planning grant” from the VW Foundation.

22 January 2020

Daniel Scholten speaks at high-level meeting on geopolitics of the energy transformation

Daniel Scholten was invited to speak on geopolitics of hydrogen at the pre-assembly high-level meeting on the geopolitics of the energy transformation organised by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

21 January 2020

Behnam Taebi co-Editor in Chief of Science and Engineering Ethics

As of 1 January, Behnam Taebi is the co-Editor in Chief of the international multidisciplinary journal Science and Engineering Ethics. This journal is considered the most important journal in the multidisciplinary field of ethics of technology.