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10 October 2019

PRISMA contribution wins Best Responsible Innovation Case at Ethac conference 2019

At the Ethac 2019 Triple Helix Conference last week, a PRISMA project contribution received the “Best Responsible Innovation Case” Award. The contribution is titled: “A roadmap for the Responsible Research and Innovation uptake in the industrial context: a tool for strategy setting and RRI impact evaluation”. It stems from the EU-funded project PRISMA led by TU Delft.

04 October 2019

Mekel Prize 2019: advance notice

The Mekel Prize will be awarded to students and employees of TU Delft. With the prize, the university wants to pay attention to the ethical aspects of technological developments and the responsibility of researchers and designers to take these aspects into account in their research/design.

04 October 2019

TPM receives H2020 funding to research Big Data

Juan Duran and Jeroen van den Hoven obtained 272,00 euro funding for the SoBigData++ project granted by H2020. The project consists of a consortium of 31 participants and has a total budget of 10 million euro.

19 September 2019

Responsible innovation for a better society: a roadmap for companies

New technologies like nanotechnology, synthetic biology, internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles have an increasing impact on our everyday life, our society, and the environment. This means that companies have to innovate responsibly and include societal values – such as privacy, safety, sustainability, fair distribution of risks and benefits and inclusiveness – in the development strategy of innovative products. This is known as ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI).

18 September 2019

Behnam Taebi appointed as new Scientific Director TU Delft Safety & Security Institute

Behnam Taebi has been appointed as the Scientific Director of the TU Delft Safety & Security Institute by the Executive Board. Per 1 September 2019, he succeeds Pieter van Gelder, who in the past five years has led the institute in strengthening its research position in the broad field of safety and security.