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29 October 2020

Claudia Werker in TU Delta over Or-verkiezingen TU Delft

Op 3 en 4 november mogen TU-medewerkers stemmen voor de ondernemingsraad, maar op wie? Lijsttrekker Claudia Werker, werkzaam bij faculteit TBM, stelt zich voor.

13 October 2020

Three job openings for the new Centre for Safety in Healthcare

The new Centre for Safety in Healthcare has three job openings available at the moment: one for an Assistant Professor (a Tenure Track position), one for a PhD student and one for a senior researcher.

13 October 2020

Police, TNO and TU Delft join forces on national security innovation

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the Dutch police force and TU Delft, headed by the TU Safety & Security Institute, are to begin collaboration on innovation in the field of national security. The three organisations are well acquainted, and already collaborate on a number of Safety & Security matters, such as detection, monitoring and cyber security.

07 October 2020

VTI joins project for Responsible Metal Industry in Europe

The mining and metal industry want to grow their metal value chains while encouraging a long-term shift towards climate-neutrality and sustainability. In doing so they play a vital role in the sustainability of EU’s climate technologies. They aim to ensure the highest protection of human and environmental health, addressing and reinforcing the relationship of the industry with the wider society. The SISTEM project: Social Innovation for Sustainable Treatment of European Metals will work in a public private collaboration to develop a framework to assess the values at stake in this process.

06 October 2020

TU Delft signs Safety Delta Netherlands covenant for a safe (petro) chemical industry

On 5 October, the (petro) chemical industry, science and the government will sign a covenant to work together on the safest (petro) chemical industry in the world.