Dr. O. (Olya) Kudina


I am a postdoctoral researcher within Prof. Ibo van de Poel’s project on “Value change,” where I explore the evolving relation between values and technology through the prism of pragmatism and empirical philosophy. 

I received PhD degree in Philosophy of Technology at the University of Twente (2019), titled “The Technological Mediation of Morality: Value Dynamism, and the Complex Interaction between Ethics and Technology.” Prior to that, I worked in the area of privacy and data protection at the Council of Europe.


I explore technologically induced value change bottom-up, starting from human practices and guided by empirical philosophy. This allows me to trace how the value meaning-making evolves in the process of technological use and throughout media messages. Currently, I analyse how AI-enabled voice assistants co-shape the values of communication, courtesy, respect, privacy and others through their presence at one’s home.

In my research,  I experiment with a range of empirical methods from different fields (e.g. STS and psychology), integrating them in the philosophy of technology (e.g. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis). My research interests span across the intersection of design and ethics of technology, bioethics, AI ethics, media studies and empirically-oriented philosophy. 

  • Ethics for aerospace engineering WM0324LR (tutor and supervisor)
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My postdoc research is part of the Design for Changing Values project, which is Prof. Ibo van de Poel’s ERC project on the technologically induced value change and the sociotechnical systems design. More about the project at https://www.valuechange.eu/

Olya Kudina

Postdoctoral researcher

Monday till Thursday

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics and Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation
Responsible risk mangement
Value change

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