Ph.D. LL.M. S.R. (Sander) Renes


Assistant Professor with Economics of Technology and Innovation (TPM).

Sander received his PhD from the Erasmus School of Economics and Tinbergen Institute in 2014, his focus was on experimental economics and public economics. He spend two years as a post-doc at SFB884 ‘ Political Economy of Reforms’ in Mannheim, where he is still an associated member. From 2016 till April 2022 he was an Assistant Professor in management accounting at the Erasmus School of Economics.


His work focuses on information and the impact information has on incentives in economic settings, in particular in policy settings. Currently, he is working on the mathematical structure of bookkeeping information, social choice experiments, procurement, and on his high kick.

  • Micro- & markteconomie
  • Economie van infrastructuren

Sander Renes

Assistant Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Technology and Innovation


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