Dr. A. (Aimee) van Wynsberghe


Aimee van Wynsberghe is an Associate Professor in Ethics and Technology at TU Delft in the Netherlands and is lab director of the TPM AI lab. Aimee serves as a member of the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on AI, is a founding board member of the Netherlands AI Alliance, and is the scientific director of the TU Delft TPM Faculty AI lab. She is co-founder and co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and on the board of the Institute for Accountability in a Digital Age. She is a 2018 L'Oreal Unesco 'For Women in Science' laureate and a fellow at the Deloitte centre for the Edge. Aimee has been named one of the Netherlands top 400 influential women under 38 by VIVA in 2017 and 2019, and was named one of the 25 ‘women in robotics you need to know about’. She is author of the book Healthcare Robots: Ethics, Design, and Implementation and has been awarded an NWO personal research grant to study how we can responsibly design service robots.


Aimee’s area of research is dedicated to responsible robotics, robot ethics, AI ethics, values-in-design, care ethics, and the role of ethics in design. Aimee supervises three PhD students and one post doc researcher on all of these research areas. Her previous studies explored the use of care ethics in the design space of care robots and in 2015 she was awarded a Veni grant to study the ethical issues related to service robots. Since working at Delft Aimee has begun to explore the topic of robots in humanitarian contexts, robots for the protection of the environment, and retail robotics. In addition, Aimee is actively involved in the area of AI ethics most notably as: a member of the European Commission High Level Expert group on AI; a member of the editorial board for the journal AI and Ethics; and as author of the STOA report on Translating AI Ethics to Policy Options.

Aimee has taught a variety of ethics courses and at TU Delft (e.g. Ethics and Aerospace Engineering, Scientific Integrity, etc). Aimee created and taught the TPM courses “Ethics of Healthcare Technologies” and “Robots and Society”.

NWO Veni project, ‘Addressing Ethics Issues of the Service Robot Revolution’. Aimee is researching the ethical issues of a variety of service robots in both professional and personal contexts (e.g. robots in stores and robots in the home respectively) and will use this analysis to help create a framework for providing designers and engineers with ethics advice to be taken into design.

  • Co-director, Foundation for Responsible Robotic
  • Robotics Taskforce coordinator, 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology
  • Journal for Frontiers in Robotics and AI, Editorial Committee member, 2016-Present
  • Interview in Viva
  • Article in The Engineer
  • Interview with Aimee van Wynsberghe in the Financial Dagblad, Oct 22, 2016, (page 6) ‘Robots Weten Straks alles over ons’

Aimee Van Wynsberghe

Associate Professor

  • Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
    Building 31

    Room number: B4.220

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:

Design for Values
Management of Responsible innovation
Responsible robotics

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A.L. Robbins-van Wynsberghe

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