Dr. M.R. (Mark) Alfano


My work in moral psychology encompasses subfields in both philosophy (ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind) and social science (social psychology, personality psychology). I am ecumenical about methods, having used modal logic, questionnaires, tests of implicit cognition, incentivizing techniques borrowed from behavioral economics, neuroimaging, textual interpretation (especially of Nietzsche), digital humanities techniques (text-mining, archive analysis, visualization), and of course good old-fashioned intuition-mongering. I have experience working with R and Tableau Public.    


I have published two monographs, two journal editions, two edited volumes, over twenty journal articles, and over twenty chapters in edited volumes. I am currently working on a grant-funded project to map the topology of social media networks in order to understand the ways in which they support or undermine reasonable public discourse about controversial topics.    

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Mark Alfano

Associate Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics and Philosophy of Technology

Nathalie van den Heuvel 

Research interests:

Design for values
Management of responsible innovation

Moral Psychology

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