Dr.ir. K. (Kas) Hemmes


Dr. Kas Hemmes is associate professor at TU Delft. After his master's in physics  he was coordinator of the Delft fuel cell research program in the Materials Science Department for 15 years.  As of 2001 he joined the faculty of Technology Policy and Management working on energy systems, sustainability and technology dynamics. He has coordinated a number of European and national research projects in the area of fuel cells, hydrogen and natural gas at the interface of technology and society. He has published 88 articles in ISI journals (Web of Science) and has an H-index of 13.

  • K.Hemmes, J.F. Cooper and J.R. Selman. Recent Insights Concerning DCFC Development: 1998-2012.
  • International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38 (2013) 8503 - 8513
  • Kas Hemmes, Josep Guerrero and Toshko Zhelev. Highly Efficient Distributed Generation and High-Capacity Energy Storage. Paper 3 in the Delft skyline project.
    Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 51(2012): 18-31
  • Kas Hemmes, Giuseppe Barbieri, Young Lee, Enrico Drioli and Hans de Wit,. Process Intensification and Fuel Cells using a Multi-Source Multi-Product approach.
    Paper 6 in the Delft skyline project.
    Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 51(2012): 88-108.
  • K. Hemmes, L.M. Kamp, A.B.H. Vernay and G. de Werk. Hemmes K, et al., A multi-source multi-product internal reforming fuel cell energy system as a stepping stone in the transition towards a more sustainable energy and transport sector,
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36  16 (2011): 10221-27

More Publications

  • Hemmes K.  Securing Energy Supply II: Diversification of Energy Sources and Carriers. Chapter 7 in International Handbook of Energy Security. EDITORS: Hugh Dyer and Julia Trombetta.  Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd (2013)

Kas Hemmes

Associate Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Technology and Innovation

Research interests:
Integratie in energiesystemen
Multi source multi product energiesystemen
OTEC (oceaan thermische energie conversie) en industriƫle ecologie toepassingen hiermee
Superwind: integratie van windenergie met waterstof producerende hoge temperatuur interne reforming brandstofcellen
Superheating: toepassing van het Super verhittings principe in bestaande installaties als een vorm van integratie van nieuwe technologie in bestaande technologie
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Dr. K. Hemmes