Dr. P.H.J.J. (Paul) Swuste


Paul Swuste is an associate professor of the Safety Science Group of the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. He has a MSc degree in Biochemistry from the University in Leyden and finished his Ph.D. thesis 'Occupational Hazards and Solutions' in 1996. From 1980 onwards he is working at the Safety Science Group and engaged in research concerning exposure and control measures to occupational hazards, on asbestos, on post academic courses on safety, health and environment, on occupational accidents and its legal aspects in various branches of industry, including the steel industry, rubber industry, chemical industry, transport branch, building branch and the asbestos industry. Regularly he is publishing on these topics. In the period 1981-2011, 48 international, and 65 Dutch scientific papers appeared with him as author of as co-author. With Andrew Hale he has organized the post graduate master course 'Management of Safety Health and Environment' from 1994-2008. This course is an international course for safety managers. He is an active member of international organizations, and committees related to post academic education in safety, and health, and on national committees on public health and on safety. He is also involved in the scientific committee of several international and national congresses on occupational safety, and organizing special issues in the scientific press on these events. He participates in PE-ABLE the Life Long Learning Project.

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Dr. P.H.J.J. Swuste