Drs.ing. D. (Dick) Hoeneveld


Dick is a researcher in the Safety and Security Science section at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He is conducting research in the field of laboratory safety. His research interests include nanosafety, emergency response innovation and intercultural safety.

Dick is member of several national advisory boards, amongst them the Netherlands Nanocentre, the Netherlands knowledge centre for nanotechnology risks (KIR-nano) and the Working group on occupational health and Vitality, Labour Foundation Netherlands (Stichting vd Arbeid).
He is co-founder of the International Cooperation on University Safety (EU-UK-US).


Dick’s current research is focussing on sensor technology innovation in evacuation models, national culture and safety, and living lab evacuation experiments on TU Delft campus.

Safety management in Multicultural Research institutes

Nanosafety Guidelines
Recommendations for research activities with ‘free nanostructured matter’
within the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Delft University of Technology. 

Use of engineered nanomaterials in Dutch academic research settings, SoFoKles, The Hague 2014

Laboratory design guidelines, Dutch interuniversity advisory body for HSE, The Hague 2013

Using the combined LADM-IndoorGML Model to support Building Evacuation.

Safety Culture across Cultures

Safety and health competencies in the face of globalization and worker mobility across national borders

LADM-IndoorGML for exploring user movements in evacuation exercise

  • Member Advisory board Netherlands Nanocentre
  • Member HSE expert group Netherlands knowledge centre for nanotechnology (KIR-nano)
  • Member International Cooperation on University Safety (EU-UK-US)
  • Member thesis jury Dutch Society of Safety engineers (NVVK)
  • Member, Working group Health, Safety and Vitality, Dutch Labour Foundation

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