M. (Mengxia) Li


Mengxia Li is a visiting Ph.D. candidate in Safety and Security Science Group under the supervision of Prof. Pieter van Gelder. She obtained her BSc in Navigation Technology, Ningbo University, China in June 2016. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in Wuhan University of technology. Her research interests include maritime safety, collision avoidance, risk analysis, and autonomous ships.


Mengxia's research focuses on the autonomous collision avoidance of ships in order to reduce the incidence of maritime accidents. Her research takes into account the ship's maneuverability, COLREGs and good seamanship. Her research results hope to be used for collision avoidance in the stage of coexistence of manned ship and unmanned ship.

  • Li, M., Mou, J., Chen, L., Huang, Y., Chen, P., 2021. Comparison Between the Collision Avoidance Decision-Making in Theoretical Research and Navigation Practices. Ocean Engineering. 228, 108881.
  • Li, M., Mou, J., Liu, R.R., Chen, P., Dong, Z., He, Y., 2019. Relational Model of Accidents and Vessel Traffic Using Ais Data and Gis: A Case Study of the Western Port of Shenzhen City. JMSE. 7(6), 163.
  • Mou, J., Li, M., Hu, W., Zhang, X., Gong, S., Chen, P., He, Y., 2020. Mechanism of Dynamic Automatic Collision Avoidance and the Optimal Route in Multi-Ship Encounter Situations. J Mar Sci Technol.

Mengxia Li

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