Prof. dr. J. (Jan) Treur


Jan Treur has been a full professsor of AI since 1990 and is a well-recognized expert on the area of multidisciplinary human-like AI-modeling. He has published over 700 well-cited papers about cognitive, affective, and social modeling and AI systems making use of such models. He has also supervised more than 40 Ph.D. students in these areas and from 2016 on written and edited three books on (adaptive) network-oriented AI-modeling and its application in various other disciplines.


Current research addresses modeling of higher-order adaptive processes by self-modeling network models with a specific focus on mental processes based on internal mental models and their use by internal simulation, their learning or formation (including organisational learning), and the control over them. The application focus is on the development and use of shared mental models supporting the road toward a just safety culture in organisations such as hospitals.

For a complete overview, see his ResearchGate overview

For recent research presentations, see the Self-Modeling Networks YouTube channel

  • Treur, J. (2016). Network-Oriented Modeling: Addressing Complexity of Cognitive, Affective and Social Interactions. Springer Nature, Cham.
  • Treur, J. (2020). Network-Oriented Modeling for Adaptive Networks: Designing Higher-Order Adaptive Biological, Mental and Social Network Models. Springer Nature, Cham.
  • Treur, J., Van Ments, L. (eds.) (2022). Mental Models and their Dynamics, Adaptation, and Control: a Self-Modeling Network Modeling Approach. Springer Nature.

Jan Treur



Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety and Security Science

Astrid Pinzger-van Staalduinen 

Research interests:
Responsible risk management

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