Dr. P. (Pilar) Lopez-Cantero


I am a full-time Lecturer focused on the Ethics of Technology. Before that, I obtained my PhD from the University of Manchester (2019), where I taught Ethics, History of Philosophy and Environmental Philosophy, among other topics.


My research on moral psychology sits in the intersection between philosophy of emotion, personal identity and ethics. I specialize on personal relationships, specifically romantic love and friendship, which I understand as a feature of the narrative self-concept. I have published several papers on the topics of break-ups and falling out of love. I am also interested on political cosmopolitanism and on the influence of technology on personal identity and autonomy, especially from a feminist perspective.

  • Lopez-Cantero, P., and Archer, A. (forthcoming). Lost without you: The value of falling out of love. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.
  • La estructura narrativa del amor romántico (2019). In Mercedes Rivero Obra (ed.), Identidad y emoción a través de la interacción con el sujeto, . pp. 63-82. 2019.
  • Lopez-Cantero, P. (2018). The break-up check: Exploring romantic love through relationship terminations. Philosophia 46(3): 689–703.
  • IT and Values
  • Ethics of Aerospace Engineering
  • Critical Reflection of Technology
  • Project SURF

Pilar Lopez-Cantero


Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Moral psychology

Personal relationships