A. (Apostolos) Tzimoulis


I'm a PhD candidate in the Ethics/Philosophy of Technology section. I'm working on non-classical logics and their applications in social sciences.

  • G. Greco, M. Ma, A. Palmigiano, A. Tzimoulis, Z. Zhao, Unified Correspondence as a Proof-Theoretic Tool, Journal of Logic and Computation, Special Issue on Canonicity and Correspondence for Nonclassical Logics, doi: 10.1093/logcom/exw022, (2016).
  • W. Conradie, S. Fritella, A. Palmigiano, M. Piazzai, A. Tzimoulis, N. Wijnberg, Categories: How I learned to stop worrying and love two sorts, International Workshop on Logic, Language, Information, and Computation, pp. 145-164. Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2016).
  •  W. Conradie, S. Frittella, A. Palmigiano, A. Tzimoulis, Probabilistic Epistemic Updates on Algebras, Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Interaction - LORI, LNCS 9394, pp. 64-76 (2015).
  • N. Bezhanishvili, D. de Jongh, A. Tzimoulis, Z. Zhao, Universal models for the positive fragment of intuitionistic logic, Logic, Language, and Computation: 11th International Tbilisi Symposium on Logic, Language, and Computation, TbiLLC 2015 (2017).

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Apostolos Tzimoulis

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A. Tzimoulis

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2017 - Formal methods for strategic decision-making
2017 - Formal methods for strategic decision-making
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